Sumedha Verma

Provisional Psychologist Intern

We welcome Sumedha who will be commencing an internship at Valley Family Health in late August 2020. Interns provide low cost psychology services as part of their postgraduate professional training. See our FAQs page or call us for more information about this program.

I am in my final year of a PhD (Clinical Psychology) having undertaken my thesis on interventions to improve sleep, mood and wellbeing in new mothers. I take a special interest in working with families, adolescents, and women across the perinatal period.

Some of the issues I have worked on with people have been: identity and belonging, adjusting to changes in life, grief and loss, insomnia, depression, relationship difficulties, panic and anxiety, trauma, educational challenges and living with illness.   

I take a welcoming and non-judgmental approach when working with clients and I aim to meet people where they’re at. I draw from a range of different approaches to tailor our work according to your needs, including psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and solution-focused therapy. My underlying philosophy is that we are all capable of healing, discovery and growth. I try to guide, support and encourage my clients as they navigate their own paths.  Indigenous Australians and people from diverse cultures, sexualities and genders can feel welcomed by me.