Erin Quigley

Provisional Psychologist Intern

We welcome Erin who will be commencing an internship at Valley Family Health in January 2021. Interns provide low cost psychology services as part of their postgraduate professional training. See our FAQs page or call us for more information about this program.

Erin is in the final year of the Master of Educational Psychology. She has worked as a Provisional Psychologist at a junior and senior girls’ school and in a university psychology clinic. Some of the issues Erin has worked on with her clients include coping with parental separation, social skills development and anxiety management. She also has a special interest in body image concerns, and is proficient in psychoeducational assessment.
Additionally, Erin has 12 years’ experience working in student welfare in the university sector. In these roles, she provided pastoral care for young adults experiencing difficulties with university transition, navigating university with a disability, relationship difficulties, grief, and anxiety and depression.
Erin employs a warm and non-judgemental approach to support her clients explore and understand their experiences, and identify more adaptive coping strategies. Erin draws from a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy, and Person-Centred Therapy. She is passionate about working with people across the lifespan from diverse cultural, sexual and demographic backgrounds.