Coping with COVID-19

It is normal and inevitable to feel worried and stressed when faced with a challenge to our health and way of life such as COVID-19.   You may be experiencing anxiety, racing thoughts, worry, difficulty sleeping, feeling tense and stressed, sadness or anger.  You may be worried about how to help your children or parents cope.  Psychologists can provide information and support to help you cope as best as you can with this very stressful situation. 

Here are some free resources developed by psychologists about maintaining your mental health in this situation:

Australian Psychological Society tip sheet:  Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

Australian Psychological Society tip sheet:  Maintaining your mental health during social isolation

5 minute video by ACT therapist Dr Russ Harris about strategies to manage anxiety about COVID-19

Australian Childhood Foundation tip sheet about how parents can help children cope

If you would prefer to speak with a psychologist in person about your individual situation, you can book a 30 minute phone or video call with one of our highly trained and caring psychologists. This could be a one-off session for information and support, or could be a way of exploring if ongoing sessions could be useful for you. No referral is needed, and a reduced fee applies. Click the booking button below for online bookings or to contact our reception team.